Wieliczka (circa 1930)


1930s Tourist Souvenir Booklet from the Famous Wieliczka Salt Mine

(Poland). Wieliczka. Krakow, Poland: Drukarnia Polska Fr. Zemanka, circa 1930.

Octavo. Paper Wrappers, staple-bound.

Wonderful 1930s souvenir booklet from the Wieliczka Salt Mine, with a map and five photographic reproductions of the mine. Text in Polish. This is a souvenir booklet from Wieliczka, site of the famous salt mine outside of Krakow. A popular tourist destination and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is known for its vast network (approximately 175 miles) of internal tunnels and shafts as well as four chapels and dozens of statues carved by the miners. With map and five photographic reproductions of the mine, including one of St. Anthony's Chapel. Fine condition.