In 2021, I founded Opal Rare Books as an alternative to selling "the canon." At that point, I had been a rare book expert for over 20 years. I had seen all the big, unaffordable titles (the ones you probably read in high school or college). Great books are great for a reason, but a lot of other books are fantastic, too. 

At Opal, we're interested in the first half of the 20th century. We carry World War I and II books, pop-ups, children's literature, travel and souvenir books, the occasional novel, and much more.

We want you to read your rare books. Books aren't meant to live on a shelf. We go out of our way to find important titles in collectible condition that are also fascinating reads.

Most importantly, Opal Rare Books wants to help you build the kind of collection you love. Wish we were offering some other genre from 1900-1950? Let us know!

Any other questions? Please (really, please) get in touch at