What Mein Kampf Means to America (1941)


Very Rare First Edition, Review Copy, of This Cutting Analysis of Hitler's Mein Kampf,
Intended to Warn Americans About the Risks Posed by Nazi Ideology and Its Adherents

Hackett, Francis. What Mein Kampf Means to America. New York: Reynal & Hitchcock, 1941.

Octavo. Hardcover. 1st Edition.

Rare first edition, review copy, of author and critic Francis Hackett's examination of the critical flaws of Nazi doctrine, intended to serve as a warning to Americans about the growing threat, in the original dust jacket. This extraordinary book by Irish-American novelist and critic Francis Hackett examines the horrifying beliefs underlying Hitler's screed, exposing their flimsy reasoning and dangerous potential, especially with regard to Jews. "A well-known writer and author of popular biographies reads Hitler's masterpiece of turgid prose and decides that all Americans, especially those who think their country has nothing to fear from Nazi Germany, would profit by doing likewise. A useful interpretation and guide" (Foreign Affairs). "Hackett incisions, scalpels the contents of Hitler's Mein Kampf, proves the importance and danger of Hitler to the United States, reiterates you can't do business with Hitler, as he annotates, explains, backgrounds, signposts the book. To be read for itself and in conjunction with Mein Kampf, which Hackett insists is a Must as never before" (Kirkus). This is a review copy originally belonging to F.W. Prescott. Clippings have been inserted (with occasional offsetting) and one has been affixed to the front free endpaper below his signature. It is also extensively (and fascinatingly) annotated in the margins in pen. Book near-fine, with a few spots of soiling and hundreds of annotations. Rare dust jacket very good, with wear and shallow chipping to extremities. A most desirable copy.