This Is the Enemy (1942)


"Who Today Can Say That He Understands Adolf Hitler,
Knows What We Really Is?"

Oechsner, Frederick. This Is the Enemy. Boston: Little, Brown, 1942.

Octavo. Hardcover. 1st Edition, 2nd Printing.

First edition, second printing (the same month as the first), of this comprehensive rundown of the state of Nazi Germany written by five United Press correspondents interned during World War II. With a signed autograph laid-in presentation card from the President of the United Press Associations, Hugh Bailie. "Five of the [United Press] European correspondents who had been on the inside watching the Nazi war machine develop to conquer one country after another finally landed together in an internment camp after Germany declared war on the United States. For five months they talked over their experiences which they combine in this book, one of the most revealing... It gives an excellent picture of the Nazi leaders and the steps to war. One also gets good military descriptions of how the blitz worked in Poland, Norway, France, the Lowlands; keen analysis of German psychology, individual and mass propaganda, Nazi technique in the use of material and manpower" (Kirkus). This copy includes a signed autograph presentation card from Hugh Baillie, President of the United Press Associations, reading: "Here are two books by United Press Correspondents which I know you'll enjoy reading. Please accept them, with our best wishes. HB." There is no further information about what the second book--no longer attached to this one--would have been. Book about-fine, dust jacket extremely good with light wear.