This Is Our Enemy (1943)


"The Youth of Germany... Have Lost Their Human Qualities, Becoming Beasts of Prey Inflamed with the Idea That They Are the 'Master Race'"

Wieden, Peter. This Is Our Enemy. New York: New Age, 1943.

Octavo. Paper Wrappers. 1st Edition.

First edition of this powerful analysis of the youth of Germany after a decade of Nazi indoctrination. In this pamphlet, Peter Wieden argues that the German youth have been completely corrupted by growing up under Nazi rule. While noting the achievements of the German people, Wieden carefully shows how Nazism, including the Hitler Youth, created a generation of young predators hell-bent destroying anyone not part of their master race delusion. Interestingly Wieden, who wrote this pamphlet in 1943, notes the slaughter of two million Jews as of that date, indicating that the scale of the Holocaust was already known abroad. Corner crease, front wrapper detached from single staple. A near-fine copy.

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