The United States Regional Cook Book (1947)


The United States Regional Cook Book--
Ten Separate Cookbooks in One
Covering Every Region of the United States

Berolzheimer, Ruth, editor. Winkler, Albert H. The United States Regional Cook Book. Chicago, Illinois: Culinary Arts Institute, 1947.

Thick octavo. Hardcover. Early edition.

Fascinating post-war cookbook covering the cuisines of the United States as separate cookbooks in a single volume, from New England to Creole to Minnesota Scandinavian, in the rare original dust jacket. An influential figure in mid-century cooking, cookbook editor Ruth Berolzheimer helped to guide the mid-century American palate. This wonderful cookbook looks at United States cookery in ten sections: New England, Southern, Pennsylvania Dutch, Creole, Michigan Dutch, Mississippi Valley, Wisconsin Dutch, Minnesota Scandinavian, Southwestern, and Western. Each section has a separate vignette title page and a headpiece illustration by illustrator Albert Winkler. The first edition was published in the late 1930s. Book fine, rare dust jacket very good with light rubbing and a bit of chipping to edges. An incredibly desirable copy, scarce in this condition.