The Truth About Poland (1943)


"3,200,000 Poles Were Murdered by the Germans":
First Edition of
The Truth About Poland (1943)

Polish Information Center. The Truth About Poland. New York: Polish Information Center, 1943.

Octavo. Paper Wrappers. 1st Edition.

First edition of this concise pamphlet history of Poland emphasizing its cultural and social underpinnings, with content on the history of the war, the murder and deportation of the Poles by the Nazis, and Poland's aspirations for the post-war future. Published by the Polish Information Center, a powerful mouthpiece in America for the Polish government-in-exile and resistance during World War II, this pamphlet attempts to explain Poland's past, present, and possible future. The pamphlet begins with demographic data before transitioning to a section about the history of Poland and its accomplishments--including its century-long struggle for freedom including from Russia. In a later section, contemporary issues are discussed from the invasion of Poland to Nazi atrocities committed against the Polish people. Included are statistics about the murder of 3.2 million Poles, as well as the forced labor assignments and deportation of almost 5 million more Poles. The authors also note that 348 villages were subjected to the same horrors as took place at Lidice, with an additional 1000 evacuated with all the residents killed or deported. The authors share the incredible scale of Polish resistance efforts despite Nazi crackdowns. They also provide details of a future that was later denied by USSR's occupation--one that included a free Poland with civil rights and membership in a progressive confederation of Eastern European states while in simultaneous alliance with the United States. Light soiling and minor paper waving from damp. A very good copy of a rare pamphlet.