The Thugs of Europe (1943)


"In the Name of the Liberation of Our Former Homeland!"

Norden, Albert. The Thugs of Europe. The Truth About the German People and Its Rulers. New York: German American League for Culture, 1943.

Octavo. Paper Wrappers. Second Edition.

Second edition of this pamphlet detailing the horrors, hypocrisy, and greed of the Third Reich and encouraging German-Americans to fight for a fair and rights-based version of Germany. The Thugs of Europe was published by the German American League for Culture, a progressive-minded, communist-allied organization that sought to capture the hearts and minds of non-Nazi Germans and German-Americans. This work exposes many hypocrisies of Hitler's Germany, in particular the kleptocratic nature of it. While Hitler promised the middle class equal opportunity, he instead used Germany to turn businessmen into government officials and to pour stolen money into select German companies.  The first edition was published in 1942. Interior fine, only mild toning to edges of pamphlet. Near-fine condition.