The New Garden Encyclopedia (1945)


 Beautiful 1945 Edition of The New Garden Encyclopedia,
Featuring the Victory Garden Supplement, in a Lovely Embossed Binding

Seymour, E.L.D., editor. The New Garden Encyclopedia. A Complete, Practical and Convenient Guide to Every Detail of Gardening. New York: Wm. H. Wise, 1945.

Thick octavo. Hardcover. Wartime Edition.

Wartime edition of this popular mid-century gardening handbook, a complete encyclopedia of gardening terms and techniques, with the Victory Garden supplement intended for wartime use, in a beautiful embossed green and gilt cloth binding. Published before and throughout the World War II years, The New Garden Encyclopedia was written and frequently updated to serve as a comprehensive guide to gardening terms, skills, and techniques. Of particular interest is the Victory Garden supplement at the rear, meant to instruct Americans how to plant and maintain a garden big enough to feed a whole family at a time when food was scarce due to the war effort. A very nearly fine copy.