Mary's Lamb (circa 1938-53)

Geraldine Clyne's Mary's Lamb,
A Single-Fold Pop-Up Nursery Rhyme

(Pop-Ups and Moveables). Mary's Lamb. New York: J. S. Fub., circa 1938-53.

Card Covers. Square 8vo 8" to 9" tall.

Lovely pop-up interpretation of a popular nursery rhyme, with a bright and vivid 1930s pop-up illustration. Pop-up illustrator Geraldine Clyne, known for the Jolly Jump-Ups series, illustrated a series of single-fold booklets each containing an individual nursery rhyme and an elaborate pop-up. Mary's Lamb offers a four-stanza version of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" illustrated with a pop-up of the lamb causing havoc at a 1930s one-room schoolhouse. Pop-up and covers bright and lovely, pop-up of teacher slightly creased at waist causing a minor forward lean. Better than near-fine condition.

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