Make and Mend for Victory (1942)


"I Will Waste Nothing--And I Will Take Care to Salvage Everything Needed to Win the War":
Make and Mend for Victory, 1942

Spool Cotton Company. Make and Mend for Victory. Book No. S-10. No place: Spool Cotton, 1942.

Slim quarto. Paper Wrappers. 2nd Edition.

Second edition of this fascinating illustrated work on altering, mending, and darning for women on the homefront trying to extend the life of their clothes just a little bit longer. Intended to help American women cope with clothing shortages at home, this work includes instructions for altering and transforming clothes (e.g. turning a man's suit into a woman's skirt suit), adding homemade trim to change the look of an outfit, and repairing/repurposing damaged clothing. The work includes a number of diagrams of stitching and patterning, as well as photographic illustrations of successful projects. The book was published by the Spool Cotton Company, which later merged with sewing supply monolith Coats & Clark under the latter's name. Fine condition.