Little Red Ridinghood (1934)


The Blue Ribbon "Little Red Ridinghood"

(Pop-Ups and Moveables). Little Red Ridinghood. The Illustrated Pop-Up Edition. New York: Blue Ribbon, 1934.

Octavo. Hardcover. 1st Edition.

First edition of this early Blue Ribbon pop-up book, with three double-page pop-ups depicting scenes from Little Red Riding Hood. Illustrated by C. Carey Cloud and Harold B. Lentz, The Pop-Up Little Red Ridinghood published by Blue Ribbon Press is an early American example of the pop-up book. It features several in-text black-and-white illustrations and three pop-up double-page illustrations in full color including Little Red leaving her mother's house and waving at her; Little Red encountering the wolf in the woods; and Little Red in the bedroom seeing the wolf dressed as her grandmother. This version of Little Red Ridinghood is notably gory with the hunter cutting open the first wolf and finding the live grandmother inside and a second wolf encountering Little Red and being subsequently drowned by the grandmother. Contemporary Xmas inscription in margin. Pop-ups fully functional with minor evidence of regluing to final pop-up, interior and boards generally fine. About-fine condition.