American Woman's Cook Book (1944)


Wartime Edition of The American Woman's Cook Book,
in Publisher's Special Victory Binding

Berolzheimer, Ruth, editor. Victory Binding of the American Woman's Cook Book. Wartime Edition. Chicago, Illinois: Consolidated Book Publishers, 1944.

Thick octavo. Hardcover. Wartime Edition.

Wartime edition of this popular mid-century cookbook, featuring special adaptations for rationing and inventive (if sometimes horrifying) recipes like creamed celery, mock bisque, and roast opossum, in publisher's special victory binding, in the rare original dust jacket. During the early years of the 20th century, cookbooks published by the Culinary Arts Institute--with roots dating back to the 1860s--were a staple in American homes. Offering carefully written and well-tested recipes, the Institute's cookbooks set the standard for American home-cooking. The American Woman's Cook Book was originally published in 1939, with the editorial guidance of the Institute's new director, Ruth Berolzheimer. While Berolzheimer's family remembers her as a middling cook at best, her editorial skills were top-notch. Having already worked on an early edition of The Settlement Cookbook with author Lizzie Kander, Berolzheimer knew what the average American housewife wanted in a cookbook. The American Woman's Cook Book provided illustrations--including color plates--as well as recipes for both household favorites and adventurous foods like Chop Suey. Berolzheimer also included a glossary of French terms and a guide to wine, to help women add sophistication to their meal preparation and service. This "Wartime Edition" presented a patriotic-minded version of the cookbook with a special binding meant to stand out on a kitchen countertop and adaptations to help women cope with rationing, reduced income, and changes in the home.    Book near-fine, with front hinge split but holding and less than the usual toning to extremities. Rare dust jacket very good, with only mild toning and light wear and chipping to extremities just touching spine title.

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