We almost moved. As of three days ago, Opal Rare Books was about to relocate.

Every time I thought about redoing tax registration, I died a little bit more inside. (If anyone was wondering, taxes are--far and away--the hardest and most vexing part of running a small business. I live my life in a perpetual state of anxiety over the possibility that I will do them wrong and be sent to federal prison.)

Also, there were so many books to pack.

However, everything changed overnight and Opal Rare Books is staying here for the duration. You know what? It's not so bad here. I traveled to Secret Location Two and everything went wrong. I couldn't find a place to live. I couldn't find a place for the business. I couldn't even find my gloves.

After spending two years within ten miles of my home, it took going away to make me realize that I have it pretty good here. It took going to the airport to make me realize that I want to continue to live in a place where I can take direct flights to shop for books all over the world.

I don't know if the grass is always greener. Secret Location Two is still a nice place that a lot of people love. Maybe I would have loved it, too. But, Opal Rare Books is about nostalgia. It always has been. It's about taking occasional trips to the past through books. Where I live is my past. And, like Opal, I hope it's my future, too.

November 30, 2021 — Opal Rare Books
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