The holidays are almost here and you're probably struggling to find gifts for the same people who are always pains in the neck. I am--unsurprisingly--going to suggest a rare book. Here's why: Books last. Next Christmas or Hanukkah, when your mom has used the last of the fancy bath bombs (while telling you about how she didn't really like this one or that one) and the craft beer kit for your dad is still sitting unopened, a rare book will be every bit as valuable as it was a year ago. Rare books are heirlooms. They follow us through houses and families and generations. Someday, that little boy banging on his toy kitchen will be a grown man who will treasure an antique Betty Crocker cookbook. Rare books are like that. They tend to grow in value, grow in meaning even as they grow in age. Give an heirloom this holiday season.
November 23, 2023 — Opal Rare Books
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