Picture Charts of Britain at War (1943)


"Picture Charts Produced in Britain
in the Last Few Months, Illustrating Statistics of the War Effort"

British Information Services. Picture Charts of Britain at War. New York: British Information Services, 1943.

Slim folio. Paper Wrappers.

1943 edition of this collection of infographic-style charts offering an overview of Britain's wartime efforts from scrap metal collection to women in the workplace. This collection of charts and infographics attempts to show all the ways the British people and government were contributing to the war effort, from reducing their clothing purchasing under rationing to plowing more land under the Dig for Victory campaign. Fascinating to look at from both an informational and artistic point of view, these were the charts used to keep the British public engaged in the war effort. This collection of those charts was then published in  New York for propaganda purposes, in the hope of cementing American support for the cause.  Preceded by a 1940 edition under a similar name. Original mailing crease from folding in half. About-fine condition.