Nazi Fifth Column in Japan (1941)


"A Full Dress Nazi 'Fifth Column'
Now Plays a Vital Part in the Direction of
Japan's Policy Towards USA"

Spinks, Charles N. Nazi Fifth Column in Japan. New York: New York Committee to Defend America, 1941.

Folio. Paper Wrappers. 1st Edition.

First edition of this collection of articles originally written for the New York Post revealing the extent of German infiltration into Japan and the Nazi aim of sparking a war between Japan and America, published just months prior to Pearl Harbor. Written by the former editor of The Japan News Week, these articles were originally published in the New York Post in July of 1941 and some of the articles were subsequently syndicated as far away as Melbourne, Australia. Spinks argues that the Nazis have fully infiltrated Japan at all levels, forcing media censorship of all pro-British materials, encouraging imperial expansion, and drumming up pro-Axis sentiment, all in the hopes of sparking war between Japan and America and cutting off American support to the British. Spinks' well-researched accusations proved to be true in large part and Japan attacked the United States directly just a few months later after their invasion of surrounding countries failed to spark proxy war. Scattered soiling. A very good copy.